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Inner Visions Photography - Layland WV - Charleston WV - Washington DC - New York City - Chicago IL- Atlanta GA - Nashville TN - Miami FL - Dallas TX - Los Angeles CA - Seattle WA - Doug Miller has been a photographer since the age of 15. At 16 years of age he started his own company, and began shooting portraits, weddings, and parties. Shortly thereafter, he began working for the Vinton Messenger Newspaper, and Salem Raiders hockey team. It was during this time that he realized he wanted a career in editorial and commercial work.

Doug's early work included Dominion Bank, Roanoke College, Hollins College. At the age of 21, Doug attended the Ohio Institute of Photography and the Portfolio center of Atlanta. Upon finishing school, he returned to Salem, shooting for magazines, local colleges, and Liaison International Photo Agency in New York City.

After working in New York City and Washington, D.C., Doug returned to Salem. Additionally, Doug has worked on national assignments including U.S. Sprint, UPS, Philip Morris, Miller Brewing, National Geographic Society, Metropolitan Opera, Parade Magazine, American Profile Magazine, Washington Flyer Magazine, Getty Images, Target, FedX, UVA, NASCAR, Nike. He continues to shoot local, national, and international assignments while focusing on Art Photography, Creative Bodybuilding Photography, Weddings, along with West Virginia Mountaineer Photography Workshops, out of Layland, West Virginia.

Recent Assignments - Getty Images - Nike, Cimmaron - Easy Street Video Shoot, The Blue TAJ, Lehja, Cimmaron - Takin The Country Back Video Shoot, Nashville.

Weddings - Washington DC, Maryland, Charlottesvile VA - UVA, Lexington VA - Washington & Lee, Blacksburg VA - Maison Beliveau - VA Tech, North Carolina, Outer Banks SC, Honolulu - Waikiki Hawaii, Portovenere Italy.
US - Oahu, Waikiki, Honolulu, Seattle, San Juan Islands, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Austin, Houston, Kansas City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Memphis, Nashville, Miami, Daytona Beach, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston Salem NC, Charleston WV, Charlottesville, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, New York City, Boston.

International - London, Italy - Pisa, Portovenere, Florence, Venice, Rome

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